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150,000 of 500,000 images stacked for this image of Jupiter, Ganymede and Io with shadow in transit

Technical card

Resolution: 2480x1653

Date:March 10, 2018

Time: 0455

Frames: 156000

FPS: 40.00000

Focal length: 9775

CMI: 94.50

CMII: 142.90

CMIII: 351.70

Seeing: 5

Transparency: 9

Locations: Home property, Wattle Flat, NSW, Australia


I made 22 RGB runs of 1 minute per colour channel. The seeing was superb. This was a capture of over 500,000 images and i ended up stacking ~ 150,000 with Autostakkert. After wavelet sharpening with RegiStax, I used WinJUPOS to de-rotate and integrate all 22 runs. The signal to noise ratio was good enough to not require any de-noising. Io and Ganymede were integrated with WinJUPOS across all 22 RGB runs and then, using Photoshop, they were inserted into the correct position along with Io's shadow. Interestingly there were so many images that the shadow tracking across the planet didn't leave a smudge as it was simply averaged out by the image integration.
The resolution, especially in the polar regions is the best I have been able to achieve. The seeing also allowed for significant surface detail on the moons to come through.



Niall MacNeill
License: None (All rights reserved)



Vestiges of Io tracking across from image to image removed.


150,000 of 500,000 images stacked for this image of Jupiter, Ganymede and Io with shadow in transit, 


            Niall MacNeill