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Contains:  NGC 1097

Image of the day 04/26/2018

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    NGC 1097 - Optical Jets, 


            Terry Robison
    NGC 1097 - Optical Jets
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    NGC 1097 - Optical Jets

    Technical card

    Frames: 80x900"

    Integration: 20.0 hours

    Basic astrometry details job: 2020316

    RA center: 2h 46' 26"

    DEC center: -30° 16' 15"

    Pixel scale: 0.803 arcsec/pixel

    Orientation: 294.048 degrees

    Field radius: 0.361 degrees

    Resolution: 2546x2004

    Data source: Own remote observatory

    Remote source: Non-commercial independent facility


    NGC 1097 can be found in the constellation of Fornax, and is classified as a SBbc, barred spiral galaxy. It is about 45 million light years away. It was discovered by William Herschel on the 9th of October 1790.

    It’s a fantastic galaxy to look at. It’s a galaxy that has a lot going on. Visually, you can see the distortions and tidal debris that have resulted by the interaction with the companion galaxy NGC 1097A. Personally, the most interesting thing are the optical jets that show up in deep exposures.

    Like all nice galaxies, it has a supermassive black hole at its centre. The mass has been calculated to be 140 million times the mass of our sun

    Object Details
    NGC 1097, Arp 77
    Constellation: Fornax, Galaxy type: SBbc (barred spiral)
    Size: 9.3’ x 6.2’
    Recession Velocity: 1,284 km/sec

    Image Details:
    Center (RA, hms): 02h 46m 26.416s
    Center (Dec, dms): -30° 16' 14.288"
    Field of View: 34.1 x 26.9 arcmin
    Radius: 0.362 deg
    Pixel scale: 0.8 arcsec/pixel
    Orientation: Up is 294 degrees E of N

    10 Inch RCOS fl 9.1
    Astro Physics AP-900 Mount
    SBIG STL 11000m
    FLI Filter Wheel
    Astrodon Lum, Red, Green, Blue Filters
    Baader Planetarium H-alpha 7nm Narrowband-Filter

    Exposure Details:
    36 X 900 Bin 1X1 Lum
    12 X 450 Bin 2X2 Red
    12 X 450 Bin 2X2 Green
    12 X 450 Bin 2X2 Blue
    19 X 1200 Bin 1X1 Ha

    Australia, Central Victoria



    Terry Robison
    License: None (All rights reserved)

    Sky plot

    Sky plot


    NGC 1097 - Optical Jets, 


            Terry Robison