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I miss 2017 (fresh re-process using current workflow), 


            Damien Cannane

I miss 2017 (fresh re-process using current workflow)

Technical card

Imaging telescopes or lenses: Celestron 8" SCT orange

Imaging cameras: ZWO ASI224MC

Mounts: Celestron Evolution

Software: FireCapture  ·  Emil Kraaikamp AutoStackert! 3  ·  Photoshop CC  ·  Registax 6.0

Accessory: ZWO ADC  ·  Explore Scientific 2x Focal Extender

Date: April 7, 2017

Time: 23:36

Frames: 1400

FPS: 118.00000

Focal length: 4200

Seeing: 5

Resolution: 440x312

Locations: My Back Yard, Copley, OH, United States

Data source: Unknown


After processing a mediocre result from what I thought was pretty good seeing two nights ago, I felt like re-processing a video from last year's opposition when Jupiter was quite a bit higher in the sky. Blessed with true 10/10 seeing that night.....really the seeing was quite excellent throughout April and May last year.