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Image of the day 07/19/2018

    Phobos & Deimos, 


            Niall MacNeill

    Phobos & Deimos

    Technical card

    Resolution: 2020x1347

    Date:July 13, 2018

    Time: 00:30

    FPS: 0.40000

    Focal length: 9775

    CMI: 54.50

    Seeing: 3

    Transparency: 6

    Locations: Home property, Wattle Flat, NSW, Australia

    Data source: Backyard


    I have always wanted to image the two moons of Mars, but it is quite difficult given that they are easily lost in the glare of the planet. I made an occulting bar from a thin strip of aluminium foil glued across a thin cardboard tube which I inserted into the nose attachment of my ZWO ASI 1600MC. With the two moons favourably positioned on one side of the Mars, I manoeuvred the planet behind the occulting bar which I had oriented to be on the y axis of the sensor. After trying some different exposure setting and positions relative to the occulting bar I was able to see both moons in the screen. After a couple of captures I went on to do a single RGB capture of Mars in the usual way. I used the graphic from WinJUPOS to superimpose the resultant image of Mars in the correct position and orientation relative to the moons. Even with the occulting bar the brightness of the planet is evident in the image.



    Niall MacNeill
    License: None (All rights reserved)


    Phobos & Deimos, 


            Niall MacNeill