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Hemisphere:  Northern  ·  Contains:  M 101, M101, NGC 5457, NGC 5474, NGC 5477, NGC5447, NGC5449, NGC5450, NGC5451, NGC5453, NGC5455, NGC5461, NGC5462, NGC5471, NGC5474, NGC5477, PGC2448110, PGC2456753, PGC2464645, PGC2468609, PGC2469762, PGC2816075, PGC49919, Pinwheel galaxy
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M101 Wide-field, 


            Glenn Diekmann
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M101 Wide-field

Imaging telescopes or lenses: Stellarvue SV102T

Imaging cameras: ZWO ASI1600MM-C

Mounts: Losmandy G-11G

Guiding cameras: ZWO ASI174MM Mini

Focal reducers: Stellarvue SFF3-3FT-48

Software: Pleiades Astrophoto, S.L. PixInsight 1.8  ·  Sequence Generator Pro  ·  PHD2

Filters: Astrodon Luminance E-Series Gen 2  ·  Astrodon Red Tru-Balance E-Series Gen 2  ·  Astrodon Blue Tru-Balance E-Series Gen 2  ·  Astrodon Green Tru-Balance E-Series Gen 2

Accessory: Orion Thin Off-Axis Guider (TOAG)

Dates:June 21, 2018

Astrodon Blue Tru-Balance E-Series Gen 2: 17x60" (gain: 76.00) -10C bin 1x1
Astrodon Green Tru-Balance E-Series Gen 2: 17x60" (gain: 76.00) -10C bin 1x1
Astrodon Luminance E-Series Gen 2: 54x30" (gain: 76.00) -10C bin 1x1
Astrodon Red Tru-Balance E-Series Gen 2: 17x60" (gain: 76.00) -10C bin 1x1

Integration: 1.3 hours

Darks: ~50

Flats: ~25

Bias: ~200

Avg. Moon age: 8.46 days

Avg. Moon phase: 61.33%

Bortle Dark-Sky Scale: 7.00 job: 3248708

RA center: 14h 3' 47"

DEC center: +54° 6' 22"

Pixel scale: 1.096 arcsec/pixel

Orientation: 90.494 degrees

Field radius: 0.777 degrees

Resolution: 4099x3042

Data source: Backyard


I captured this target during a waxing gibbous moon while I was troubleshooting the guiding of my mount. I decided to process the data just to see how good I could make bad data look.

The signal to noise ratio on the individual subframes was terrible. The stacked data was only marginally better due to heavy LP and the 1.3 hour integration time. The biggest challenge was the incredible amount of noise. To achieve the image seen here, I had to beat the data mercilessly until it yielded an acceptable result. ;)



Glenn Diekmann
License: None (All rights reserved)

Sky plot

Sky plot


M101 Wide-field, 


            Glenn Diekmann