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IC 1795, The Fishhead Nebula (composition), 


            Ruben Barbosa
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IC 1795, The Fishhead Nebula (composition)

Technical card

Imaging telescopes or lenses: The Liverpool Telescope

Imaging cameras: IO:O

Software: Maxim DL, Gimp

H-Alpha: 8x120"
Ha: 60x420" bin 1x1
OIII: 51x540" bin 1x1
SII: 55x420" bin 1x1

Integration: 21.3 hours

Astrometry.net job: 2154535

RA center: 2h 24' 56"

DEC center: +62° 5' 53"

Pixel scale: 1.464 arcsec/pixel

Orientation: 0.376 degrees

Field radius: 0.739 degrees

Resolution: 3224x1675

Data source: Mix of multiple source


* Image Acquisition (left) by Theodore Arampatzoglou (SHO).
* Image Acquisition (right) by Liverpool Telescope (H-Alfa).
* Processing: Ruben Barbosa.

IC 1795 (also called the Fishhead Nebula) is a bright emission nebula, located about 6,000 light years away, in the direction of the constellation Cassiopeia and extending for 70 light-years in length.

IC 1795 is located at the top right of the Heart Nebula (IC 1805) and is a stellar maternity where new stars are often being formed.

In this colorful cosmic picture, obtained through narrow-band filters, where sulfur, hydrogen, and oxygen have been mapped to RGB, we can see incandescent gas clouds and dark concentrated dust fills.

The brightness of the nebula comes from young, warm stars inside it emitting UV radiation making the gas shine.



Ruben Barbosa
License: None (All rights reserved)

Sky plot

Sky plot


IC 1795, The Fishhead Nebula (composition), 


            Ruben Barbosa