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NGC6826, a center LRGB picture, Niels V. Christensen

NGC6826, a center LRGB picture

Acquisition type: Lucky imaging



Acquisition details



Note 1. July-2019:

This image is still categorized as "Lacking data", one of 20 pics, which I don't understand?

What is missing?

The NGC6826 LRGB frames/film sequences were quality sorted by Autostakkert.

20% of the 1000 Lum frames were used in the stack. 40% of the 3x1000 RGB were used to stack.

The RegiStar program and Adobe Photoshop CS6 used for the processing effort.

A FFC was used to increase the FL. The NGC6826 center picture is shown as/in size 100%.

More detailed exposure details can be provided if needed/requested.

In DK CPH it's summer time, 25->30 degrees centigrade during daytime and the nights are bright.

My home build observatory is placed in my front yard/in the "red light" polution zone, have a look here,

Red Zone

Kind regards Niels



NGC6826, a center LRGB picture, Niels V. Christensen

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