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Contains:  NGC 2023, Horsehead nebula, IC 434
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B33 Horsehead Nebula, 


B33 Horsehead Nebula

B33 Horsehead Nebula

Technical card

Resolution: 922x922 job: 2356507

RA center: 85.284 degrees

DEC center: -2.496 degrees

Pixel scale: 2.096 arcsec/pixel

Orientation: 103.647 degrees

Field radius: 0.379 degrees

Data source: Amateur hosting facility


B 33 / LDN 1630 / Horsehead Nebula
OTA: RCOS (14.5” f/8)
Camera: SBIG STX-16803
Observatory: Deep Sky West
Red: 10 x 1200 sec
Blue: 9 x 1200
Green: 6 x 1200
Hydrogen: 28 x 1200

Total exposure ~18 hours
Image Width: ~1/2 deg
Processed by Alex Woronow using PixInsight & others in 2018

The Horsehead Nebula lies near the most eastern star in Orion’s belt and at a distance of ~1500 light-years from earth. It is part of the Orion Molecular Cloud Complex, and an active region of star formation. The streaks of red glowing gas (ionized hydrogen) radiating from the dark nebula are guided by magnetic fields. This glowing band of gas marks the edge of the Orion Cloud. The opacity of the Horsehead Nebula itself results from the presence of abundant dust.
To the lower left is NGC 2023, an emission/reflection nebula discovered by William Herschel in 1765. Spanning ~4 light-years, it is one of the largest known reflection nebulae.
(Source: largely Wikipedia)
Processing Summary: Calibration using PixInsight Script. Aligned/Stacked/MURE Denoise, and applied Pre-stretch HSV Separation Script. Masked stretch of repaired Sv then recombined HSV. Separated stars from nebula using PI DefectMap. Separated L from RGB of Nebula. Then had three separate ‘base’; images: Stars only, Nebula RGB only, and Nebula Luminosity only. Process star saturation and sharpness; Nebula color, contrast; and sharpened Nebula-L sharpness. Recombined Nebula L with its RGB and reintroduced stars. TGV Denoise, Cropped.



License: Attribution-NoDerivs Creative Commons

Sky plot

Sky plot


B33 Horsehead Nebula,