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NGC 2020, 2014 & Friends, 


            Andys Astro

NGC 2020, 2014 & Friends


Always loved these wacky little nebs in the LMC - and these two are my favourites.
Hope to gather some S2 data on this soon to make a HST colour palette version.

This is a Bicolour HaRGO3B taken from Suburban Melbourne over three consecutive nights.

8 Hrs Ha 3nm 1800 sec
6 Hrs O3 3nm 1800 sec
1hr RG&B 120 sec

Comments welcome :)

Two unlikely nebulae located side-by-side. The pinkish nebula on the far left, known as NGC 2014, is an ionized gas cloud comprised almost entirely of hydrogen. A cluster of stars are responsible for the characteristic glow accompanying the ionization. When the stellar winds pierced through the galaxy, hydrogen atoms were stripped of their electrons when they came in contact with ultraviolet radiation streaming from young, energetic stars . The clouds of gas were then reborn when the hydrogen and their electrons recombined.

Its blueish partner (pictured on the right) is NGC 2020. Its bubble-like cavity was naturally carved out as gaseous material was carried away by stellar winds.In contrast to NGC 2014, the bluish hue seen here is the work of one single, massive, unstable star called a Wolf-Rayet star. Instead of acting as an agent for the ionization of hydrogen, this star is responsible for ionizing surrounding oxygen atoms. (Hence the variation in color)
Description: ESO/APOD

The Dragon Head nebula - NGC 2040/32 is pictured to the right.



Andys Astro
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  • NGC 2020, 2014 & Friends, 


            Andys Astro
  • Final
    NGC 2020, 2014 & Friends, 


            Andys Astro


Adjusted black point to add more contrast


NGC 2020, 2014 & Friends, 


            Andys Astro