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Mare Nubium / Palus Epidemiarum, 


            Toni Adrover

Mare Nubium / Palus Epidemiarum

Technical card

Resolution: 1361x969

Date:Dec. 22, 2018

Time: 22:00

Frames: 3000

FPS: 20.00000

Data source: Backyard


Lots of interesting features in this area.Majestic Bullialdus the north (bottom) of the image ,60 km in diameter and 3500 m deep ,terrraced and with multiple central peaks and radial ejecta blanket , sort of a mini Copernicus.Palus epidemiarum to the south (top) with flooded floor Capuanus 59 km diameter and Rima Hesiodus crossing into Mare Nubium , 250 km long and 3 km wide.Rupes Mercator a fault on the southern edge of Mare Nubium 93 km in lengh and next to it the pair Mercator and Campanus of almost the same diameter around 47 km resembling a pair of spectacles.Between them and Bullialdus , Kies , 45 km an almost completely flooded crater with a spiky cape .To the west of it lies Kies pi a volcanic dome with summit craterlet,Dome is about 12 km in diameter.West of Campanus is Rimae Hippalus large and parallel rilles system situated on the East bank of Mare Humorum.System of large rilles north- south oriented one of them crosses crater Hippalus.South of Hippalus and west of Bullialdus appears Rima Agatharchides crossing crater Agatharchides P.
Best 3000 frames stacked out of a 7012 frames file.



Toni Adrover
License: None (All rights reserved)


Mare Nubium / Palus Epidemiarum, 


            Toni Adrover

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