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            Nikita Misiura


NOTE: Current versions of StarNet and StarNet++ are for color images. Results on monochrome images are often much worse. I am working on another version that can handle monochrome data.

This is an update for my StarNet project: a neural network to remove stars from images. Previous releases can be found here and here.

As a first step towards PI process, I had to port the code to C++, so I decided that it might be useful to release a stand-alone pre-compiled version of the code, which I called StarNet++.

There is no need to install anything, you just download the code, unzip it, and it should just work (or not, see more on that below). There is no GUI, but the usage is extremely straightforward. If you know how to work in terminal, you will do just fine; for those who do not want to deal with terminals, there is 'run_starnet.bat' file included that will run the code. All the instructions are in the README.txt file included in the archive. Reading files in C++ is a bit of a pain in the neck, so for now at least the code will only read TIF files with 16bit per channel. I think this is more than adequate for nearly all purposes, as the program should be used with stretched data.

The code is quite heavy and will require decent amount of memory (with about 8.2 MP images I tested it with its up to 3 Gb at the start, about 1.1 Gb during the rest of the time), so make sure you are not running a potato. I am not responsible for any loss or damage if your computer will freeze, blow up, or collapse the Earth into a black hole as a result of running the program.

This brings us to the following:

First, the supplied tensorflow.dll was compiled for 64bit systems (there is no pre-compiled 32bit version I know of) and won't work in 32bit Windows, which means if you have Windows XP installed, you will most likely not get it running.

Second, the tensorflow.dll was compiled to support AVX instructions and will only work if your CPU supports these AVX instructions. Which means that CPUs made before 2011 will not work. To change that, you can go ahead and compile your own tensorflow.dll library, but that does not promise to be easy, I myself didn't even bother to try, honestly.

If you try to run 'run_starnet.bat' and see something like 'application could not start properly' that probably means that your CPU is not supported.

Right now there is only x64 version for Windows, as I have no possibility to compile the code for macOS.

Hope it works for you, if not, please let me know.


PS. The only thing I want to ask is that if you use the program, then please mention that, add it into the list of software you used! Thank you!



Nikita Misiura
License: Attribution-NonCommercial Creative Commons




            Nikita Misiura