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New Rig, 


            Michael Caller

New Rig


Finally got my new rig built and ready to go ! I have gone from a very basic rig to a complex but hopefully rewarding rig, I'm looking forward to seeing the results.

Below List of Equipment:-
1. Esprit 100ED triplet Refractor
2. Starwave 50 guide scope
3. EQ6-R Pro
4. ASI 1600mm Pro cooled CMOS Imaging Camera
5. Altair GPM2 guide camera
6. ZWO Filter wheel
7. 36mm unmounted L,R,B,G, Ha, SII & OIII filters
8. Pegasus Focus Cube (Stepper Motor)
9. Pegasus Ultimate Power box (Power, USB, Focus control, Dew Heaters & Environmental)
10. Polemaster
11. Lynx EQMOD cable (No hand controller required)
12. Intel M3 computer stick (team view via access point there no internet required when imaging in remote areas)
13. Anker USB hub for GPS & Joystick Bluetooth Device.

This rig is fully controlled remotely. therefore once polar aligned. I can retreat to the warmth and control & monitor all my equipment and occasionally go out side to see if everything is ok.

One of the other beauties of the ultimate power box. This rig only requires one power cable to the rig and there is no trailing cables other than the one power cable, so cable management is great compared to traditional set ups. all USB cables connect to the ultimate power box which is mounted to the telescope along with the computer stick.



Michael Caller
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New Rig, 


            Michael Caller

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