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Contains:  Owl nebula, M 97, NGC 3587, M 108, NGC 3556
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M97 and M108, 


            Anis Abdul
M97 and M108

M97 and M108

Technical card

Resolution: 3000x2291

Dates:March 28, 2019

Frames: 89x300"

Integration: 7.4 hours

Avg. Moon age: 22.43 days

Avg. Moon phase: 47.02% job: 2621207

RA center: 168.269 degrees

DEC center: 55.332 degrees

Pixel scale: 1.309 arcsec/pixel

Orientation: 279.673 degrees

Field radius: 0.686 degrees

Data source: Backyard


M97(Owl Nebula) and M108 in Ursa Major.

M97 - The owl nebula is a Planetary Nebula and is one of the only 4 of this type in the Messier catalog. This is the blue/red object on top left of the frame. This is one of the fainter object (at >Mag10) to photograph.
The planetary nebula (a misnomer with nothing to do with Planets) is formed when a smaller mass star (like roughly the size of our sun) runs out of fuel and dies. The outer layer of the swollen star are blown off creating the halo leaving behind a hot/dense white dwarf.
There is an even fainter halo that is not visible here but can be imaged with longer integration time in narrowband wavelenght.

On the Bottom right is another Messier object (seperated by only 50 arc minute ) is a spiral galaxy almost seen edge on. Though it looks closer to M97, they are not physically close. The M97 is in our galaxy and M108 is a completely different galaxy.

After multiple months, we had 3 clear nights! I had my Takahashi + 1.6x extender loaded, I could go after multiple target fields and this one fit nicely.

Equipment: Takahashi FSQ106ED + 1.6 extender making it a F8/800mm FL scope/AP900 Mount/FLI HP8300 with Baader LRGB filters.

L - 59x300s
R - 10x300s
G - 10x300s
B - 10x300s



Anis Abdul
License: None (All rights reserved)


  • M97 and M108, 


            Anis Abdul
  • Final
    M97 and M108, 


            Anis Abdul

Sky plot

Sky plot


M97 and M108, 


            Anis Abdul