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Mars almost at opposition 2022, Benjamin Law

Mars almost at opposition 2022



Acquisition details



Planet Mars - taken on  Nov 25, 2022
Time 1:20-1:30am (EST)
Good seeing

This time I spent a lot of time playing with the wavelet sharpening with Registax. Now I have a better understanding of the process next time when I get decent seeing. It is rare to get good seeing in my area, but I hope one day to get a better Mars picture. This is also my first picture using the new 5X focal extender. 

Scope: Sky-Watcher 350P 14" Flextube SynScan Dobsonian
Camera: PlayerOne Mars-C
Focal Extender: Explore Scientific 5X 
Exposure:  10x120s at 170 fps
Gain: 196
Shutter: 4.3ms
ROI: 1108x868



Mars almost at opposition 2022, Benjamin Law