Contains:  Solar system body or event


            Jeremiah Roth


Technical card

Mounts: Celestron CGX

Resolution: 720x720

Locations: Home, Tampa, Florida (FL), United States

Data source: Backyard


After about a month of learning I think I'm finally getting into gear and taking some decent shots of our neighbors!

Planetary and it's rules are SO different than the deep sky that I'm used to. Oddly enough the humidity that makes DSO imaging wasteful during the summer is exactly the type of weather that makes planets smile at us.

This was 10 x 90s stacks. Stacked in Autostakkert 3 and combined using Winjupos.

Shot with a ZWO ASI 290MC - ZWO ADC - Celestron LX 2xBarlow - Celestron C8 XLT





            Jeremiah Roth