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Contains:  NGC 1977, NGC 1975, NGC 1973, The star 45Ori, The star 42Ori
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NGC 1977 (SH2-279, NGC 1973, NGC 1975), 


            Alex Woronow
NGC 1977 (SH2-279, NGC 1973, NGC 1975)

NGC 1977 (SH2-279, NGC 1973, NGC 1975)

Technical card

Imaging telescope or lens:RCOS 14.5

Guiding telescope or lens:RCOS 14.5

Software:Affinity PhotoPixInsight


Resolution: 2048x2048

B: 15x900" bin 1x1
G: 15x900" bin 1x1
H: 10x1800" bin 1x1
L: 20x900" bin 1x1
R: 25x900" bin 1x1

Integration: 23.8 hours job: 2691550

RA center: 83.856 degrees

DEC center: -4.795 degrees

Pixel scale: 1.101 arcsec/pixel

Orientation: 131.407 degrees

Field radius: 0.443 degrees

Data source: Own remote observatory

Remote source: DeepSkyWest


NGC 1977 (SH2-279, NGC 1973, NGC 1975)
OTA: RCOS (14.5” f/8)
Camera: SBIG STX-16803
Observatory: Deep Sky West
Red: 25 x 900 sec
Blue: 15 x 900
Green: 15 x 900
Lum.: 20 x 900
Hydrogen: 10 x 1800
Total exposure ~24 hours
Image Width: ~0.5 deg
Processed by Alex Woronow using PixInsight, Affinity Photo (2019)

SH2-279 is an HII emission nebula (red) that also contains reflection nebulae (blue). This object is at the northern-most extent of “Orion’s Sword” and the entire sword region, with is extensive array of nebulae, has be cataloged as Orion 1c. The source of ionization of the hydrogen is the young stellar object (YSO) 42 Orionis, which is the the topmost, and brightest of the three stars near the image center. The prominent and famous M42 nebula lies to the upper right in the image, and some of its distal extent is captured in this picture.

The processing involved developing the techniques for applying "Laplacian of Gaussian" sharpening (see Gonzales & Wood, “Digital Image Processing” ) to an astro-image. The stars pose a substantial problem to such sharpening. The results here are not perfect, but after several hundred hrs of trial-and error, the results show promise--but issues remain!



Alex Woronow
License: None (All rights reserved)


  • NGC 1977 (SH2-279, NGC 1973, NGC 1975), 


            Alex Woronow
  • Final
    NGC 1977 (SH2-279, NGC 1973, NGC 1975), 


            Alex Woronow


Improved stars--better use of Affinity Photo vs LoG

Sky plot

Sky plot


NGC 1977 (SH2-279, NGC 1973, NGC 1975), 


            Alex Woronow

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