Hemisphere:  Northern  ·  Constellation: Hercules (Her)  ·  Contains:  IC 4645  ·  M 92  ·  NGC 6341
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M92 in Hercules, 


            Michael Feigenbaum
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M92 in Hercules

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M92 in Hercules, 


            Michael Feigenbaum
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M92 in Hercules

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Acquisition details

May 23, 2019
172x60" (2h 52')
2h 52'
Avg. Moon age:
19.28 days
Avg. Moon phase:

RA center: 17h17m04s.407

DEC center: +43°0803.32

Pixel scale: 0.616 arcsec/pixel

Orientation: 35.995 degrees

Field radius: 0.556 degrees

More info:Open 

Resolution: 5368x3648

Locations: Papago Butte, near Maricopa, AZ, United States

Data source: Backyard


Messier 92 or the Second Cluster in Hercules...

This beautiful globular cluster is approximately 26,700ly from Earth. If that distance is accurate, then the cluster spans approximately 109lys and containing around 330,000 stars.

It is thought to be among the oldest of the globular clusters because of its very low metalacity, in the neighborhood of 0.5% of the the metalacity of the Sun. Thus, it is thought that this cluster may be nearly as old as the universe.

The above information is from www.messier-objects.com, an excellent site for succinct yet interesting information on the Messier objects.

This was fairly difficult to process... I believe I had less than good seeing both nights I imaged it. Also because of a peculiarity in my view window, I could only get 1.5 hours each time in the early evening and I am not able to image it when it is near the zenith (an exceedingly frustrating limitation of the Skyshed Pod). That said, among the several Globulars I have been doing lately, this one is my least favorite of the group.

I always welcome any comment or criticism, it is not possible to hurt my feelings, lol...

Clear Skies to all,




  • M92 in Hercules, 


            Michael Feigenbaum
  • Final
    M92 in Hercules, 


            Michael Feigenbaum


Description: I was never happy with this image from the beginning. I wanted more integration and it would have been easy to do it if I had the pod zenith table that I have been reluctant to buy. But anyway, I reprocessed this and I think that even with less data than I wanted it is still an improvement over my first try. CS! Mike

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Sky plot

Sky plot


M92 in Hercules, 


            Michael Feigenbaum

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