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Contains:  Solar system body or event

Jupiter: 2019-05-27 (UT 17:24 2019-05-26)

Acquisition type: Lucky imaging

Technical card

Date:May 27, 2019

Time: 01:23

Frames: 15000

FPS: 80.00000

Focal length: 5600

CMI: 2.00

CMII: 278.20

CMIII: 244.50

Seeing: 4

Transparency: 9

Resolution: 1524x564

Locations: Home, Singapore, Singapore

Data source: Backyard


The seeing the night of 27th June was perhaps the best I have experienced to date ... close to being able to appreciate the experience some people report of thinking the capture software had "frozen".

Unfortunately, I was only able to complete a handful of 90s runs before banks of cloud moved in. Those clouds were patchy at first and I persevered for a while, "threading the needle" to grab frames between passing clouds ... but before long the cloud cover become continuous. Such a shame!

Plenty of detail is on offer here, such as the fine, wispy cloud structures in the EZ and also activity in both polar regions. The band of brown cloud encircling the GRS appears to be getting closer to the GRS itself (potentially it will eventually collapse in/merge?) and amazingly, the "blade" of orange GRS material is still connected by a thin tendril to the (now broken/fragmented) band of dark brown cloud returning along the STZ.

Rev A was created by de-rotating 6 separate 90s captures in WinJUPOS.

Rev B provides a wider-field shot including Europa, Io and Callisto. Some nice albedo features apparent on very dim Callisto. I actually think this single-capture image is a bit sharper/has more detail than the multi-image de-rotation!

Rev C is an annotated version of Rev B.

Thanks for looking (and reading)!



Darren (DMach)
License: None (All rights reserved)



Description: Wider field view including Europa, Io and Callisto


Description: Annotated version of the wide-field image


Jupiter: 2019-05-27 (UT 17:24 2019-05-26), 


            Darren (DMach)