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Contains:  The star 52Cyg
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Mosaic - Panel 4 of 9 of Cygnus in SHO, 


            Richard H
Mosaic - Panel 4 of 9 of Cygnus in SHO

Mosaic - Panel 4 of 9 of Cygnus in SHO

Technical card

Resolution: 4560x3432

Dates:June 23, 2019

Astrodon Ha-5nm: 25x210" (gain: 200.00) -20C bin 1x1
Astrodon O-III 5nm: 25x210" (gain: 200.00) -20C bin 1x1
Astronomik SII 6nm: 25x210" (gain: 200.00) bin 1x1

Integration: 4.4 hours

Darks: ~20

Avg. Moon age: 20.45 days

Avg. Moon phase: 67.72% job: 2763086

RA center: 310.984 degrees

DEC center: 30.952 degrees

Pixel scale: 1.111 arcsec/pixel

Orientation: 35.506 degrees

Field radius: 0.881 degrees

Locations: Bailey's observatory, Cottonwood, CA, United States

Data source: Backyard


I figured I post something since it's been awhile. I am working on a Mosaic of Cygnus Region and have 3 of 9 panels imaged as of today. There has always been one thing that is a problem with the 1600 Pro cooled camera I am using and that is; AMP GLOW in the upper and lower right of the image. In previous images I can eliminate the glow by cropping the image, However with this large Mosaic I have to find a way to remove it so I can combine the panels.

UPDATE 2019.06.24: I contacted ZWO and over the past couple of nights with their assistance was able to figure out why I was getting Amp Glow and how to remove it from my processed images for this panel. I'm glad to say that due to this cameras high resolution and very low read noise I was able to get rid of the bias and flat frames and only use the dark frames to calibrate the target images. This produced a combined SHO image with very good SNR to process. Now I can move on to the other panels to finish and start combining them into the Mosaic I want to complete. I have to image nine more panels before integration.

QUESTION to the Community: (solved) How can I reduce this problem of Amp Glow in the images?
I am in contact with ZWO and trying all they are asking me to do, Including no bias frames or flat frames, just using dark frames to match gain and exposure. I tried their suggestions and I also used flat and bias frames too. The gain is 200, Offset 50, exposures 210s each. All frames match for gain & offset. I'm getting a good SNR with all my images but continue to have this issue with the 1600 Pro cooled camera.



Richard H
License: None (All rights reserved)


  • Mosaic - Panel 4 of 9 of Cygnus in SHO, 


            Richard H
  • Final
    Mosaic - Panel 4 of 9 of Cygnus in SHO, 


            Richard H


Revised Panel 4 of the Cygnus Mosaic I am working on. Having trouble with Amp Glow on the previous image I contacted ZWO for assistance. I ended up eliminating Flats and Bias frames and only used Dark calibration frames. This proved to be what I needed to get a high SNR image.

Sky plot

Sky plot


Mosaic - Panel 4 of 9 of Cygnus in SHO, 


            Richard H