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Contains:  Gear
My Current 80mm setup, 


            John Michael Bell...


Well monsoons are officially here in Arizona which greatly limit the clear summer skies. Since tonight is overcast I thought I would share my current 80mm setup- it's no Tak... but it's the best I can do on a teacher salary! Lol.

*Carbon fiber is not a huge necessity with smaller APOs, the weight difference in 80mms is only 2lbs. However it is helpful in the hot desert climate, especially AZ where theit can hit 100° early in the day and nights can quickly drop to 60°
*Your imaging setup is only as good as your weakest optical element... I first started with an Orion field flattener, switching to the TeleVue TRF2008 FR/FLATTENER made all the difference in the world.
*If you have an 80mm with a small dovetail foot, swap it out for some 90mm rings, they greatly increase the stability of your setup.
*NEVER forcefully overtighten and type of thread...your scope shouldn't be swinging so fast that a light turn to the right shouldnt do the trick.
*bigger is not always better :)



John Michael Bell...
License: Attribution Creative Commons


My Current 80mm setup, 


            John Michael Bell...