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Moon with Apollo 11 Landing Site, 


            Michael Feigenbaum

Moon with Apollo 11 Landing Site

Technical card

Resolution: 2778x2568

Locations: Papago Butte, near Maricopa, AZ, United States

Data source: Backyard


This is my small contribution to Van McComas' excellent project...

I wanted to show a full or nearly full image of the moon for this. I'm not in a position to do any imaging for a few more days so I can't go acquire one.

But I wanted to do something to support this great idea so I went through my archives and found this image. This one is my very first lunar image and I made it on March 3 of 2018.

To comment on the Apollo 11 mission, I remember this wonderful time in the summer of 1969 quite well. As others have noted, this was a very turbulent time in the US.

During this historic summer, I was 8-years old and was following this very closely with the excitement and enthusiasm that seems to be reserved only for 8-year old kids. I watched with intense interest, every news report from the July 16th launch, to the coverage of the trip to the moon, to the achievement of orbit, to the LEM decent, to the moonwalk, to the lift off and rendezvous of the LEM with the Command Module and the whole trip back to the splashdown.

In addition to trying to watch everything I could that was broadcast on television and on the radio, I waited, not so patiently, for the afternoon edition of the Cleveland Press which had lots of photos and excellent coverage of the mission. I incessantly asked my father questions about the moon and the events ongoing to the point of, I think, nearly driving him crazy... lol.

I remember begging my mother to allow me to stay up to watch the moonwalk. She finally relented and agreed to let me watch it.

This is, without any doubt, among the most precious memories of my life... sitting with my mother, in front of a 15" black and white TV, and watching Neil Armstrong take those historic first steps on the Moon.



Michael Feigenbaum
License: None (All rights reserved)


Moon with Apollo 11 Landing Site, 


            Michael Feigenbaum

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