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Contains:  34 phi Cas, NGC 436, NGC 457, NGC436, NGC457, The star φCas
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NGC 436 and NGC 457 - Owl Cluster, 


            Jonathan W MacCollum
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NGC 436 and NGC 457 - Owl Cluster

Technical card

Imaging telescopes or lenses:Orion 203/1000 f/4.9

Imaging cameras:ZWO ASI071MC Pro

Mounts:Celestron CGEM

Guiding telescopes or lenses:ZWO OAG

Guiding cameras:ZWO ASI 178MM

Software:PixInsight PinInsight 1.8.5Isbeorn N.I.N.A.StarNet++ Starnet ++PHD 2

Filters:Hutech IDAS LPS D1 2"

Accessory:Skywatcher 2" Coma Corrector f/4

Dates:July 14, 2019

Frames: 138x30"

Integration: 1.1 hours

Avg. Moon age: 12.49 days

Avg. Moon phase: 94.26% job: 2806045

RA center: 1h 17' 56"

DEC center: +58° 29' 38"

Pixel scale: 0.983 arcsec/pixel

Orientation: 176.612 degrees

Field radius: 0.806 degrees

Resolution: 4918x3267

Data source: Backyard


Spent some time bouncing around a few summer-time open clusters on the only clear night available to me last week.

Enjoy, and feel free to share your thoughts and criticism. I never want to stop learning and improving!

Taken with asi071mc -> idas D1 filter -> Quattro Corrector -> Orion 8in f4.9 Reflector -> CGEM mount

Acquisition and Pre-Processing:

* Best 138 (of 150 total) x30s Lights weighted using the following subframe expression:

```(10*(1-(FWHM-FWHMMin)/(FWHMMax-FWHMMin))+ 15*(1-(Eccentricity-EccentricityMin)/(EccentricityMax-EccentricityMin))+ 25*(SNRWeight-SNRWeightMin)/(SNRWeightMax-SNRWeightMin))+ 50```

* Stacked with Linear Fit Clipping and CFA Drizzle 1x with 0.7 drop shrink

Color Calibration:

* DBE -> Background Neutralization -> Color Calibration -> Photometric Color Calibration

* Assign RGB Working space to 1,1,1

RGB Processing:

* TGV with a low contrast mask and strong edge protection

* MMT noise reduction with a high protective luminance mask

* HSV Repaired Separation Script

* Arcsinh Stretch to non-linear

Luminance Processing:

* Extract Synthetic Luminance

* Masked Stretch and Curves

Final Touches:

* LRGB Combination of L with RGB

* Additional round of DBE with a starless version using starnet++ and re-combining

* ACDNR Noise Reduction targeting the smaller scale noise

* Chrominance noise reduction on the brighter stars to eliminate grid-like structures



Jonathan W MacCollum
License: None (All rights reserved)

Sky plot

Sky plot


NGC 436 and NGC 457 - Owl Cluster, 


            Jonathan W MacCollum

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