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Contains:  50 alf Cyg, 56 Cyg, 57 Cyg, 62 ksi Cyg, B349, B353, B355, B358, Deneb, IC 5068, IC 5070, IC5068, IC5070, NGC 6997, NGC 7000, NGC6996, NGC6997, NGC7000, NGC7027, North America nebula, PK084+01.1, PK084-03.1, Pelican nebula, Sh2-117, The star 56Cyg, The star 57Cyg, The star Deneb (αCyg), The star ξCyg
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NGC 7000 and Pelican - Bi Color, 


            Jonathan W MacCollum
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NGC 7000 and Pelican - Bi Color

Technical card

Astrodon 1.25" 5nm Ha: 127x60" (gain: 111.00) -10C
Astrodon O3 1.25" 3nm: 21x120" (gain: 111.00) -10C
Astrodon O3 1.25" 3nm: 51x240" (gain: 111.00) -10C

Integration: 6.2 hours

Darks: ~60

Flats: ~30

Flat darks: ~30

Bortle Dark-Sky Scale: 4.00 job: 2840167

RA center: 20h 54' 16"

DEC center: +43° 50' 3"

Pixel scale: 3.822 arcsec/pixel

Orientation: -179.978 degrees

Field radius: 3.143 degrees

Resolution: 4922x3290

Data source: Backyard


Just getting started with narrowband imaging. I am really liking this image scale for the 135mm f2 lens. This was taken wide open at f2.0.

127x60s - 5nm Ha
51x240s - 3nm Oiii
21x120s - 3nm Oiii

Both channels were processed using the following workflow:
* Dynamic Background Extraction
* 45 rounds of wavelet regularized deconvolution using a Dynamic PSF made from the best 50-60 stars in the middle of the frame, and replaced stars using a starnet made starmask.
* Small Scale TGV noise reduction using a low-contrast mask
* Masked Stretched with a preview-aggregated background reference
* Histogram Stretch to taste

The Bi-Color combination was performed with starnet starless versions using the following expressions:

iif(HaStarless > .15, HaStarless, (HaStarless*.8)+(OiiiStarless*.2))
iif(HaStarless > 0.5, 1-(1-OiiiStarless)*(1-(HaStarless-0.5)), OiiiStarless *(HaStarless+0.5))
iif(OiiiStarless > .1, OiiiStarless, (HaStarless*.3)+(OiiiStarless*.2))

A star mask was created using the Starnet data to make a StarsOnly image, and PixelMath was used to bring in the RGB star color that was taken from my 071mc data that was processed and posted here:



Jonathan W MacCollum
License: Attribution-NoDerivs Creative Commons

Sky plot

Sky plot


NGC 7000 and Pelican - Bi Color, 


            Jonathan W MacCollum