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            Amr Abdelwahab


            Amr Abdelwahab

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Resolution: 2048x2535

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the most unusual section of the Sahara.

"Sphinx Rock"

This is not the Historical Sphinx. This is a very strange rock in the middle of no way in the western desert of Egypt. The Rock is formed by wind not even by humans.
here is The sphinx rock captured with rho Ophiuchus complex cloud.

Located in the Farâfra depression, a small section of Egypt’s vast Western Desert, the White Desert is located about 370 km southwest of Cairo. This area is known for having some of the rarest landscapes and geological formations in the whole country. Here, the landscapes vary from green oasis with palm trees and hot springs, to strange dormant volcanos surrounded by sand and mountains made of crystals.

here's the unicorn rock formed by the wind. This marvel of nature is made up of calcium rock formations that have been shaped by hundreds of years of sandstorms. Some even call it an “outdoor museum of contemporary art”.

Tracked / stacked / blended

Nikon D750
Nikon 35 1.4
Skywatcher star adventurer
Godox TL30 Light Wand Professional LED
Pixel TW-283 E3 Wireless
ISO 800
Exposure 10 Light frames 3 minutes each
aperture 2.8
One Frame at the blue hour.Location: western desert – Egypt. Instagram:





            Amr Abdelwahab