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Cygnus Loop blast wave animated - HST, 


            Leo Shatz

Cygnus Loop blast wave animated - HST

Technical card

Basic astrometry details job: 3283370

Resolution: 1454x677

Data source: Professional, scientific grade data


A "tantalising veil" in motion - couple of frames four years apart are showing blast wave spreading in space away from supernova, in the region of eastern veil nebula. Images by HST.

I was planning to stack two images together when I've realized they are not the same.
There is also an object which appears like a star flying in sync with the wave, which could be a chunk of some material or just an accidental noisy blip. I've double checked my star alignment, it doesn't look like alignment error. Can you find it?

Image credits: NASA/ESA/Hubble
Processing & copyright: Leo Shatz

See also
[1] "A tantalising veil"
[2] Publication by William P. Blair from Johns Hopkins University compares two images of larger portion of the Veil Nebula



Leo Shatz
License: Attribution-NonCommercial Creative Commons


Cygnus Loop blast wave animated - HST, 


            Leo Shatz