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Saturn in the horizon, 


            Jussi Saarivirta

Saturn in the horizon

Technical card

Imaging telescopes or lenses: Celestron C9.25

Imaging cameras: ASI224MC

Mounts: Celestron Advanced VX

Software: AutoStakkert

Accessory: 3x Barlow

Date: June 7, 2020

Time: 03:09

Frames: 400

FPS: 45.00000

Resolution: 558x544

Locations: Home Balcony, Lahti, Finland

Data source: Backyard


So the season up here in Finland is over, the nights almost as bright as cloudy days, and the only things visible in the sky are the bright planets and maybe Vega. And on this latitude the planets are always in the horizon, and it's virtually impossible to get any good image of them but that doesn't stop me from trying!

So here it is, in all its blurriness, Saturn! Taken at 3 AM, at an altitude of about 7 degrees. Not much to look at, but I'm afraid it doesn't get much better than this here up north.



Saturn in the horizon, 


            Jussi Saarivirta