Contains:  M 31, Great Nebula in Andromeda, NGC 224, M 32, NGC 221, M 110, NGC 205
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Messier 31, the Andromeda Galaxy, 


            Cory Schmitz
Messier 31, the Andromeda Galaxy

Messier 31, the Andromeda Galaxy

Technical card

Imaging telescope or lens:Vixen ED80SF

Imaging camera:Canon 550D


Guiding telescope or lens:Vixen Finderscope 9x50

Guiding camera:Orion StarShoot AutoGuider

Focal reducer:Orion Field Flattener for Short Refractors

Software:PixInsightPHD GuidingO'Telescope BackyardEOS

Resolution: 2601x1733

Dates:July 5, 2013

Integration: 0.0 hours

Avg. Moon age: 27.03 days

Avg. Moon phase: 6.91% job: 83630

RA center: 10.792 degrees

DEC center: 41.254 degrees

Pixel scale: 2.967 arcsec/pixel

Orientation: -177.965 degrees

Field radius: 1.288 degrees

Data source: Unknown


A few weeks ago (July 4, 2013), I was in Wayne County, Iowa, in search of dark skies (Bortle grey). This was the last target I imaged on this trip, on a whim, because I had about an hour until dawn and was finished with my other targets. Oddly it is also the first deep-sky data from that trip I've processed.

It was very early in the season for M31, as it was low, but when you're in dark sky country -- it doesn't matter. This is what only 45 minutes of data gave me.

Total integration time: 45 minutes
9x5m sub exposures
ISO800 f/7.5

42 Dark
30 Flat
107 Bias

Vixen ED80sf 80mm APO refractor
Celestron CG-5 ASGT mount
Orion SSAG autoguider + 50mm guide scope
Canon T2i 550D DSLR (Baader IR modded)
Orion Field Flattener

Image acquisition with BackyardEOS
Guiding with PHD
Calibration/alignment/integration and post-processing with PixInsight



Cory Schmitz
License: None (All rights reserved)

Sky plot

Sky plot


Messier 31, the Andromeda Galaxy, 


            Cory Schmitz

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