Contains:  Solar system body or event
First Jupiter for the season!, 


            Almir Germano

First Jupiter for the season!

Acquisition details

Date: Sept. 8, 2013

Time: 09:14

Frames: 10000

FPS: 90

Focal length: 5095

CMI: 235.00

CMII: 230.00

CMIII: 3.90

Seeing: 2

Transparency: 4

Resolution: 320x320

File size: 22.4 KB

Locations: Backyard, Maringa, Parana, Brazil


First Jupiter imaging for the season. Still very low at 35 degrees altitude, just before the sunrise, so very unstable atmosphere. Managed to grasp LRGB + IR run. The GRS is darker than last year, with lots of turmoil in its wake, as always, not much more details, in spite of the large 35.36" diameter disc.



First Jupiter for the season!, 


            Almir Germano