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Mars - 2020-10-10, 


            Steve Ludwig

Mars - 2020-10-10

Acquisition type: Lucky imaging

Acquisition details

Date: Oct. 10, 2020

Time: 20:11

Frames: 48629

FPS: 202

Focal length: 3810

Resolution: 700x700

File size: 54.7 KB

Data source: Backyard


This is my first ever image of Mars. I'm quite happy that you can even see Olympus Mons (the bright spot in the upper half), a volcano that represents the tallest planetary mountain in the solar system with a height of over 21 km.


- Bresser Messier 10" Newton (f/5)

- Skywatcher EQ6-R

- Explore Scientific 3x focal extender -> 3810 mm focal length -> f/15

- ZWO ASI 290MC + ZWO UV-IR cut filter

- ZWO Atmospheric Dispersion Corrector (ADC) Mark II


- 48629 frames (best 25% used --> 12157 frames)

- shutter speed 4.9 ms

- gain 200

- 4 minutes video

- 202 fps

Processed in AutoStakkert! 3

- best 25%

- normalize Stack (100%)

- RGB align

- no drizzle

Processed in Registax 6

- wavelets to sharpen image

Processed in Pixinsight

- SCNR green to get rid of greenish color close to the edges of the planet

- multiscale linear transform (more detail) including deringing (worked better than in Registax)

- resample 200%

- local histogram equalization to further increase contrast

- range selection to generate a mask of the planet

- curves transformation to reduce brightness of everything except the planet (also gives smoother planet edges)


- final histogram transformation to restore orange-brownish color I lost in the SCNR process

- saved as jpg



  • Mars - 2020-10-10, 


            Steve Ludwig
  • Final
    Mars - 2020-10-10, 


            Steve Ludwig


Description: I did a final histogram transformation to restore the orange-brownish color I lost in the SCNR process.

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Mars - 2020-10-10, 


            Steve Ludwig

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