Contains:  Solar system body or event
Solar Prominence, 


            Michael Caligiuri
Solar Prominence, 


            Michael Caligiuri


Acquisition details

Date: March 12, 2022

Time: 13:31

Frames: 2000

FPS: 22

Resolution: 1669x1126

File size: 990.1 KB

Locations: Backyard Observatory, Carlsbad, CA, United States

Data source: Backyard


This is a capture of a short-lived solar prominence erupting from the NE limb on 3/12/22.

I located the archival images for this period from the NSO site and learned that this prom developed from a disintegration of a smaller prominence on the NE limb that broke apart around 20:50:50 UT.  Amazing luck that I saw it and had the scope and camera ready.

Imaged using a Lunt 100 DS solar scope with 2.5x Powermate. FLIR camera with IMX174 sensor. 22 f/s.  Acquired using FireCap, processed using Autostakkert and PS

surface detail includes several filaments and AR2965



Solar Prominence, 


            Michael Caligiuri