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Improving the set up, 


            Caspian Ray

Improving the set up


The clouds aren't going anywhere, so I have been improving on things I never had a chance too.

Notice the duct tape on the lens cover. Maybe yall have trouble sliding the dew shield back all the way. I widened my cradle rings as much as possible, and then made a duct tape handle. It works perfect, and is pure Arkansas redneck.

ADM universal risers so I can use a power dovetail and not the joke that comes with the scope.

Velcro is everywhere allowing me to stick things anywhere.

Notice the hutech laser pointer chilling there too.

I also got a new super speed USB, shorter cords, and random supplies to keep the cords where they need to be. I have the optec focuser coming next week I am ao excited about, and the Chroma Lo Glow filter is coming too.

I really really want a second camera in monochrome and to put a mini side by side ontop of the scope. I probably cant wait much longer on that. I have got 36mm Astronomik Deep sky RGB filters coming so I have a few more options on camera choice, but it is such a hard decision.

On a side note, the pastor asked me to speak on Evangelism, lol. I guarantee that it will make you laugh. If you want to see me in action click the link and go to 42:40. You will learn my real name though.



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    Improving the set up, 


            Caspian Ray
  • Improving the set up, 


            Caspian Ray


Improving the set up, 


            Caspian Ray

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