Contains:  Solar system body or event


            Gianluca Belgrado

Technical card

Imaging cameras: Canon EOS 700D

Mounts: Skywatcher NEQ6 PRO Synscan

Software: Photoshop cc 2020  ·  AutoStackkert2  ·  Planetary Imaging PreProcessor PIPP (v 2.3.6)

Date: Sept. 25, 2020

Time: 23:13

Frames: 10000

FPS: 20.00000

Focal length: 5600

Seeing: 4

Resolution: 4906x3490

Data source: Backyard


After a few weeks of bad weather, I pointed the telescope towards Mars, which these days is located at the closest point to the Earth, clearly visible to the naked eye as a very bright copper-red star. Stacking
of 10000 frames out of 20,000 taken, with 3 videos of 5 minutes derotated with Winjupos. 200/1000 Newtonian telescope with 5600 mm focal length, e
recording the live view signal of the Canon 700d camera with the PC.