Contains: IC 2574, M 82, NGC 3034, M 81, Bode's nebulae, NGC 3031, The star 27UMa, The star 24UMa, The star 22UMa, The star ρUMa
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Widefield IFN

Technical card

Resolution: 7009x3465 job: 230776

RA center: 144.213 degrees

DEC center: 69.951 degrees

Orientation: 169.740 degrees

Field radius: 5.109 degrees


2 panel mosaic covering a region between Camelopardalis, Ursa Major, Ursa Minor and Draco.

2 hours per panel, 15m subs = 4h total

Tak 3.65 with FLI ML16803 -20C

I am working on the colour version, but cannot seem to make up my mind... the life of astrophotography.

Version C:
- A morphological Transform using the morph selection operator.
Version D:
- removed black pixels without clipping crucial data to enhance contrast
- fixed the details in the galaxies to allow for more detail by reducing glow/glare
- sharpened 1st wavelet layer to further enhance detail in very specific regions (galaxies)

I'd like to perform a noise reduction routine, but hesitant to do so.





Sky plot

Sky plot


Widefield IFN,