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Technical card

Resolution: 3198x2420 job: 284783


The Tarantula Nebula, located in the Large Megellanic Cloud, visible in the Southern Hemisphere. It resembles a huge spider in the sky, and is very bright.

This LRGB image data was collected near Sutherland, South Africa, in early April, 2014.

Image details:

QSI 683ws-8
Astrodon Gen2 E-series LRGB filters
Celestron AdvancedVX
Officina Stellare Hiper APO 105
Orion SSAG, guiding with PhD
Data acquired with Sequence Generator Pro
Image Calibration / Reduction / Post-processing with PixInsight

L: 60min, 6x10min
R: 60min, 6x10min
G: 80min, 8x10min
B: 70min, 7x10min



Cory Schmitz


NGC2070, Tarantula Nebula, 


        Cory Schmitz