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Contains:  The star ηDra, The star Zosma (δLeo), Phecda (γUMa), The star Phad, The star Merak (βUMa), The star Mizar (ζUMa), The star Kochab (βUMi), The star Polaris (αUMi), Benetnasch (ηUMa), The star Alkaid, The star Alioth (εUMa), The star Dubhe (αUMa), The constellation Ursa Minor (UMi), Part of the constellation Leo Minor (LMi), Part of the constellation Leo (Leo), Part of the constellation Ursa Major (UMa), Part of the constellation Draco (Dra), The constellation Canes Venatici (Cvn), The constellation Coma Berenices (Com), Part of the constellation Bootes (Boo)
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Widefield experiment, 


Widefield experiment

Widefield experiment

Technical card

Imaging telescope or lens:Samyang 8mm

Imaging camera:Canon 450d Modded

Mount:Skywatcher NEQ6 PRO Synscan


Filter:Astronomik CLS CCD

Resolution: 1516x1111

Dates:April 23, 2014

Frames: 10x120"

Integration: 0.3 hours

Avg. Moon age: 23.41 days

Avg. Moon phase: 36.75% job: 290399

RA center: 12h 17' 36"

DEC center: +48° 1' 58"

Pixel scale: 206.476 arcsec/pixel

Orientation: -64.818 degrees

Field radius: 53.884

Locations: Puolivälinkangas - Oulu, Oulu, Finland


Experiment with 8mm fisheye lens. I don't have a way to take flats with it, so have to crop aggressively. The lens might produce some nice Milky Way photos one day.



License: None (All rights reserved)

Sky plot

Sky plot


Widefield experiment,