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Mars - October 18, 2020, Fábio

Mars - October 18, 2020

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Hi all,

follows a new image of Mars made yesterday morning with variable seeing and good transparency. We are quickly moving away from the red planet but we still see great details! In the southern hemisphere we have the spots of albedo Terra Cimmeria in the west and Terra Sirenum in the east, two of the oldest regions of Mars! In the western limbo we have the famous blue clouds characterized by CO2 frozen by the planet's icy nights while in the eastern limbo we have the surface cooling as the evening approaches, where the low humidity of the planet rises the flank of the great volcanoes and crystallizes in the top of the atmosphere forming pockets of orographic clouds. And speaking of volcanoes, we see the famous Mount Olympo in the upper right corner as a clear spot standing out from the lower boundary of the eastern limit of Amazonis Planitia. At the south pole the small polar cap still remains, while at the north pole the frosts and the polar cap are still in full formation.



Mars - October 18, 2020, Fábio