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Contains:  NGC 55

Image of the day 12/25/2019

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    NGC 55  (Whale Galaxy), 


            Alex Woronow

    NGC 55 (Whale Galaxy)

    Technical card

    Resolution: 3244x2593

    B: 15x1200"
    G: 14x1200"
    H: 6x1800"
    L: 27x1200"
    R: 12x1200"

    Integration: 25.7 hours job: 3126388

    RA center: 0h 15' 8"

    DEC center: -39° 13' 30"

    Pixel scale: 0.645 arcsec/pixel

    Orientation: 228.809 degrees

    Field radius: 0.372

    Data source: Amateur hosting facility

    Remote source: Heaven's Mirror Observatory


    NGC 55 (The Whale Galaxy)
    OTA: RCOS (12.5” f/8)
    Camera: SBIG STXL11002
    Observatory: Heaven’s Mirror, Au
    Red: 12 x 1200
    Blue: 15 x 1200
    Green: 14 x 1200
    Lum: 27 x 1200
    Ha: 6 x 1800
    Total exposure ~16.5 hours
    Image Width: ~1/2 deg
    Processed by Alex Woronow (2019) using PixInsight, Matlab, Skylum, SWT

    NGC 55 maybe a member of the loosely associated Sculptor galaxy group, a close neighbor of our own “Local Group.” NGC 55 lies only about 6.5M light-years away. It is gravitationally bound to NGC 300, also in my Astrobin collection.

    This nearly edge-on view shows dust bands and HII red clouds, and the blue from many young hot stars--NGC 55, apparently, has had a long history of high-rate star production. It is thought to be a barred galaxy, resembling the Large Magellanic Cloud. The distorted shape has be attributed to an abundance of super-novae explosions and extensive strong stellar winds.



    Alex Woronow
    License: None (All rights reserved)


    • Final
      NGC 55  (Whale Galaxy), 


            Alex Woronow
      NGC 55  (Whale Galaxy), 


            Alex Woronow
      NGC 55  (Whale Galaxy), 


            Alex Woronow


    Annotated with DSOs from the HyperLeda data base. I used an Excel spreadsheet that I wrote to extract the data from a download and to format it for PixInsight's "AnnotateImage" script. The spreadsheet is available here:,,,20,0,0,0::recentpostdate%2Fsticky,,,20,2,0,68690699 (feel free to join that group too!) -


    Blinked with ESO image from internet

    Sky plot

    Sky plot


    NGC 55  (Whale Galaxy), 


            Alex Woronow