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The Lagoon & Trifid Nebulae Wide Field, 


            Terry Hancock

The Lagoon & Trifid Nebulae Wide Field


The Lagoon Nebula M8 (NGC 6523) , The Trifid Nebula M20 (NGC 6514), Star cluster M21 and star forming region NGC6559
One of my favorite objects but very low in my southern sky and therefore limited to a couple of hours each night, captured in H-Alpha plus RGB over 4 nights using the full frame monochrome CCD QHY11/TMB92 combo. The H-Alpha I used for both luminance and channel swapping.

Total Exposure time 6.5 hours

Image details
Location: DownUnder Observatory, Fremont MI
Date of Shoot: July 25th, 29th, August 2nd and 4th 2013
H-Alpha 120 min 4 x 30 min H-Alpha 7.5nm bin 1x1
RGB 270 min 6 x 15 min ea RGB, bin 1x1
Camera: QHY11 monochrome CCD
QHY Color Filter Wheel
Optics: TMB92SS F5.5 APO Refractor with TS 2.5" Field Flattener
Paramount GT-1100S German Equatorial Mount (with MKS 4000)
Image Aquisition software Maxim DL5
Registed, Calibrated and Stacked in CCD Stack
Post Processed with Photoshop CS5

Both of these objects are intensely rich with HII regions. Right of center is The Lagoon Nebula, a giant emission Nebula and HII region, bottom center can be seen the star forming region NGC6559 , these are estimated at 4,000 to 6,000 light years from us in the constellation Sagittarius
Upper left in this image can be seen M20 or NGC 6514 known as The Trifid Nebula also in the constellation of Sagittarius and lies at a distance of approximately 5000 light years from us.
This object is a combination of emission nebula (the red area), reflection nebula (the blue area) and dark nebula (the dark jagged lines within the Trifid Nebula). Below left of M8 is the Star cluster M21.
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The Lagoon & Trifid Nebulae Wide Field, 


            Terry Hancock