Hemisphere:  Southern  ·  Constellation: Vela (Vel)  ·  Contains:  NGC 2626  ·  PK260+00.2
A reflection nebula in Vela :  NGC 2626, 


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A reflection nebula in Vela : NGC 2626

A reflection nebula in Vela :  NGC 2626, 


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A reflection nebula in Vela : NGC 2626

Acquisition details

March 31, 2022 ·  April 1, 2022 ·  April 2, 2022 ·  April 3, 2022 ·  April 4, 2022
Chroma Technology Chroma Blue: 16×300(1h 20′) bin 1×1
Chroma Technology Chroma Green: 21×300(1h 45′) bin 1×1
Chroma Technology Chroma Ha 3nm: 43×1200(14h 20′) bin 1×1
Chroma L: 123×300(10h 15′) -20°C bin 1×1
Chroma Red: 44×300(3h 40′) bin 1×1
31h 20′
Avg. Moon age:
7.09 days
Avg. Moon phase:
Bortle Dark-Sky Scale:

RA center: 08h37m08s.865

DEC center: -40°3829.80

Pixel scale: 0.732 arcsec/pixel

Orientation: -179.400 degrees

Field radius: 0.589 degrees

WCS transformation: thin plate spline

More info:Open 

Resolution: 4096x4096

File size: 96.0 MB

Data source: Own remote observatory

Remote source: Observatorio El Sauce


Hello, this time we have imaged a nebula by reflection well colored:NGC-2626 NGC 2626 is at the same time a nebula by reflection, by emission and by absorption located in the constellation of Sails. This nebula was discovered by British astronomer John Herschel in 1835.This nebula is about 3300 light-years away from us. It reflects light from a blue star (CD -40°4432) of spectral type B1 and whose visual magnitude is equal to 10. This star is located in the nebula itself. The bright jet that can be distinguished at 2 p.m. from this star of this star is the Herbig-Haro HH 132 object which comes from the bright infrared source IRAS 08337-4028. The bright star at 3h of CD -40°4432 is the pulsating variable star EM Velorum, a possible Herbig Ae star of intermediate mass. A study based on the H-Alpha emission has discovered 32 young stars inside the nebula. Some of them are variable stars and possibly T-type Tauri stars. IRAS 08337-4028 is probably a star in formation, but the 2MASS image also reveals some other young stars in the dark cloud north of NGC 2626 and also elsewhere in this reflection nebula.Almost in the center, we notice a big red-orange dot: a planetary nebula PK260+00.2 or PN Vo 3


Sky plot

Sky plot


A reflection nebula in Vela :  NGC 2626,