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Mare Cimmerium, KuriousGeorge

Mare Cimmerium



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Mare Cimmerium

Mare Cimmerium from Mars Global Surveyor

My second attempt at the red planet under slightly steadier skies (1.8" FWHM).

10/19/20 from 10:13 PM to 11:24 PM PST.

This is 10ms 640 x 480 frames at 19 fps over USB 2.0.

Captured (20 x 60s IR) + (10 x 60s R) + (20 x 60s IR)

I then deleted 11 unsteady stacks and selected a 1 hour window. Final used 31 stacks @ 20%, or about 7,068 frames...

(15 x 60s IR) + (8 x 60s R) + (8 x 60s IR)

I look forward to updating to USB 3.0 and 1" skies for what should be a noticeably sharper result with less noise. (-:



Mare Cimmerium, KuriousGeorge

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