Hemisphere:  Southern  ·  Constellation: Virgo (Vir)
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Comet C/2020 F3 NEOWISE, 


            José J. Chambó
Comet C/2020 F3 NEOWISE
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Technical card

Basic astrometry details

Astrometry.net job: 4067110

RA center: 14h 45' 36"

DEC center: -7° 51' 57"

Pixel scale: 2.539 arcsec/pixel

Orientation: 357.472 degrees

Field radius: 0.598 degrees

Resolution: 1200x1200

Data source: Unknown


C/2020 F3 (NEOWISE) @ 2020 September 14, 09:19 UT

Comet C/2020 F3 (NEOWISE) imaged on September 14, 2020. With a brightness at magnitude 10 still shows a dust tail one degree in lenght, a somewhat unusual tail in morphology that does not appear to leave from center of the coma and with a long central spine; on the side opposite to its coma a weak anti-tail also seems to be noted. The comet is receding and will soon not be observable for several months due to low elongation, so is probably this be my last image of this comet that gave us some joy in the dark days of this fateful year.

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Sky plot

Sky plot


Comet C/2020 F3 NEOWISE, 


            José J. Chambó