Contains:  Solar system body or event
An anti-depression Saturn!, 


             Astroavani - Avani Soares

An anti-depression Saturn!

Technical card

Imaging telescopes or lenses: Celestron C14 EDGE HD

Mounts: CGE Pro

Software: Fitswork  ·  Registax 6  ·  Fire Capture  ·  AS!2  ·  Photofiltre - Irfan

Filters: Baader Planetarium Baader 1.25" L Filter

Accessory: Tele Vue Powermate 2x

Resolution: 715x763

Locations: Observatório Parsec, Canoas, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Data source: Backyard


The months of July, August and September are always critical in southern Brazil. With the occurrence of El Nino, this year looks like it was even worse. Frequently cloudy skies, a lot of rain, including hail and Jet Stream always on high. Not only that, these are the months when I have the most professional appointments. All of this is very difficult to get acceptable photos, but some, like the attached photo can save and comes to bring some relief to my withdrawal depression of planets.



An anti-depression Saturn!, 


             Astroavani - Avani Soares