Contains:  Extremely wide field
The Two Rivers, 


            Kiko Fairbairn
The Two Rivers, 


            Kiko Fairbairn


Acquisition details

June 5, 2016
2×70(2′ 20″)
2′ 20″
Avg. Moon age:
0.43 days
Avg. Moon phase:

Basic astrometry details job: 3616613

Resolution: 1804x1505

File size: 13.3 MB

Data source: Traveller


I spent four spectacular nights photographing the Yellowstone National Park. Made all my plans for the night captures during the day, scouting the potential places and returning to shoot at night. The Park is simply gorgeous in day time, but at night it unveils a whole new perspective. Enchanting!


The magic of one of the most spectacular night skies I have ever seen was mesmerizing. Zero light pollution. The conjunction between Cosmos and Nature is prestine there.


Getting out of the car to photograph was a doorway which lead to an experience filled with ancestral vibes.

ps: beware bears and bison (on the road)! 😅


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[ Tech Specs ]


24-70mm lens | Canon 6D (Ha mod) | ISO 3200 | f4 | Portable EQ Mount | Exposure time : 70" secs | 1 shot for the sky, 1 shot for the ground | Two images taken in inmidiate sequence, forming a vertical panorama;


Processing software: Pixinsight | PTGui | PS



The Two Rivers, 


            Kiko Fairbairn