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Rosette Nebula in RGB & HA, 


            Terry Hancock

Rosette Nebula in RGB & HA


Another image shot by the combined efforts of the Hancock D'arienzo team. , The image was shot from 2 different locations over 700 miles apart using different cameras and different telescopes.

I have combined my 2.25 hours of RGB using the Canon 5D Mark II with Andy's 2.5 hours of Hydrogen Alpha using his FLI ML8300 mono CCD camera shot from Long Island New York.
We hope you like it.
Terry Hancock

My details
Location of shoot: Fremont Michigan
Date of Shoot 8th December 2010
Camera: Canon 5D Mark II
9 x 15 min sub exposures with flats and dark frames.
Scope: TMB 130SS using WO/TMB 68mm Field Flattener.
Autoguided with Orion Auto Guider on Stellarvue 10x60
Mountain Instruments MI-250 Mount
Image Acquired using Nebulosity II, stacked with Deep Sky stacker and processed with Photoshop CS3, using Noel Carboni's tools, diffraction spikes have been added.

Andy's details
Location of shoot: long Island New York
Date of shoot: 9th January 2011
5- 30 minute subs
2-1/2 Hours total time
TMB 92ss
FLI ML8300
FLI CFW 2-7 Filter Wheel
Astronomiks HA 50mm unmounted filter
Borg mini 50mm guidescope
StarShoot Autoguider
CCD Stack
Photoshop CS/2

Thanks for looking and happy shooting folks
Terry Hancock



Rosette Nebula in RGB & HA, 


            Terry Hancock