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The Trifid Nebula, 


            Matt Harbison
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The Trifid Nebula

Imaging telescopes or lenses: Celestron EdgeHD 11 Edge 11 HD

Mounts: Astro-Physics 1100 GTO

Focal reducers: Celestron Edge f7 Focal Reducer Edge .7 Reducer

Software: PixInsight  ·  Adobe Photoshop photoshop PS  ·  Sequence Generator Pro  ·  Adobe Lightroom LR

Accessory: QHY Med OAG QHYOAG-M  ·  Moonlite Crayford Focuser with motor

Astrometry.net job: 3668063

RA center: 18h 2' 42"

DEC center: -22° 55' 52"

Pixel scale: 0.490 arcsec/pixel

Orientation: -25.231 degrees

Field radius: 0.399 degrees

Resolution: 4900x3253

Locations: Chattanooga, Chattanooga, Tn, United States

Data source: Traveller


Captured on Friday, July 10th at Cloudland Canyon State Park with the Barnard Astronomical Society. Half the image was acquired before the 50% Moon come up, the other have acquired with the moon rising before calibration frames and a break for comet Neowise. A short video of the acquisition can be seen here: https://youtu.be/GxkL32vo7lY

About: From wiki -The Trifid Nebula (catalogued as Messier 20 or M20 and as NGC 6514) is an H II region located in Sagittarius. It was discovered by Charles Messier on June 5, 1764. Its name means 'divided into three lobes'. The object is an unusual combination of an open cluster of stars; an emission nebula (the lower, red portion), a reflection nebula (the upper, blue portion) and a dark nebula (the apparent 'gaps' within the emission nebula that cause the trifurcated appearance; these are also designated Barnard 85). Viewed through a small telescope, the Trifid Nebula is a bright and peculiar object, and is thus a perennial favorite of amateur astronomers.

Telescope- Celestron Edge HD 11” w/.7 reducer
Camera- QHY 168C
Filter- IDAS LP2
Guiding camera- QHY 174mm
Mount- Astro-Physics 1100gto

45 x 3minute light exposures
12 dark frames
12 bias frames
12 sky flats

Pixinsight processing
-Weighted Batch Pre Processing with The Cosmetic Correction applied
-Photometric Color Calibration
-Histogram Transformation
-SCNR in green Channel
-Exported to Photoshop for levels adjustment and export


Sky plot

Sky plot


The Trifid Nebula, 


            Matt Harbison