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A collection of great images that were recently handpicked.
SH2-308dophin head, 


SH2-308dophin head
NGC 1501 - Oyster Nebula (widefield), 


            Łukasz Sujka
NGC 1501 - Oyster Nebula (widefield)
Cetus duo, NGC 1055 vs M77, 


            Juan Lozano
Cetus duo, NGC 1055 vs M77
NGC 5128 - Centaurus A, 


            Thomas Klemmer
NGC 5128 - Centaurus A
50 hours of IC 1805 - Dragon vs. The Wizard, 


            Dan Goelling
50 hours of IC 1805 - Dragon vs. The Wizard
Saturn | 2018-07-17 5:41 UTC | RGB, 


            Ethan & Geo Chappel
Saturn | 2018-07-17 5:41 UTC | RGB


Flame, Horsehead and Orion Nebula, 


Flame, Horsehead and Orion Nebula
LBN 552, Creation of Adam in Cepheus, 


            Scott M. Stirling
LBN 552, Creation of Adam in Cepheus
Triangulum Galaxy M33, 


Triangulum Galaxy M33
Heart of the Heart & Melotte 15, 


            Barry Wilson
Heart of the Heart & Melotte 15


Melotte 15 in Cassiopeia - SHO, 


            Steve Milne
Melotte 15 in Cassiopeia - SHO
Caravansary and Rotating Sky, 


            Amir H. Abolfath
Caravansary and Rotating Sky
Fornax Galaxy Cluster - NGC 1365, 


            Michel Lakos M.
Fornax Galaxy Cluster - NGC 1365
LBN 777, Baby Eagle, 


LBN 777, Baby Eagle
NGC 6905 - Blue Flash Nebula, 


            Łukasz Sujka
NGC 6905 - Blue Flash Nebula
NGC 1365, 


NGC 1365
M35+21P-Giaccobini Zinner, 


            Péter Feltóti
M35+21P-Giaccobini Zinner
Barnard 312, 


            Dean Jacobsen
Barnard 312