A collection of great images that were recently handpicked.
Pac-Man Nebula in Narrowband, 


            Muhammad Ali
Pac-Man Nebula in Narrowband
Heart and Fish Head Nebula, 


            Chad Andrist
Heart and Fish Head Nebula
vdb141 Ghost nebula, 


            ByoungJun Jeong
vdb141 Ghost nebula
Dark shark and surrounding dust, 


            Artūras Medvedevas
Dark shark and surrounding dust
Space Canola, 


Space Canola
DWB111 propeller nebula, 


            Ola Skarpen
DWB111 propeller nebula
NGC 672 & Other Galaxies in Triangulum, 


            PJ Mahany
NGC 672 & Other Galaxies in Triangulum
Melotte 15, 


Melotte 15
IC1396 Emission Nebula in Cepheus, 


            ByoungJun Jeong
IC1396 Emission Nebula in Cepheus
The Pelican Nebula Closeup in SHO, 


            Alex Roberts
The Pelican Nebula Closeup in SHO
Helix Nebula Bicolor, 


            Wes Higgins
Helix Nebula Bicolor
NGC 6888 - Crescent Nebula (Bicolor), 


            Frank Breslawski
NGC 6888 - Crescent Nebula (Bicolor)
Sh2-187 (LBN 630) in Cassiopeia, 


Sh2-187 (LBN 630) in Cassiopeia
vdb142 Elephant Trunk Nebula SHO, 


            ByoungJun Jeong
vdb142 Elephant Trunk Nebula SHO
The Bubble Nebula - Bicolor, 


            Teagan Grable
The Bubble Nebula - Bicolor
Veil HOO Rgb Stars, 


            Richard Sweeney
Veil HOO Rgb Stars
The Lion Nebula, 


            Jonathan Piques
The Lion Nebula
Sh2-190 & IC1805, 


Sh2-190 & IC1805
NGC 457 - The Owl Cluster, 


            Frank Schmitz
NGC 457 - The Owl Cluster
NGC 7000 (The Great Wall), 


            John Leader
NGC 7000 (The Great Wall)
IC1848 - The Soul Nebula - Hubble Palette, 


            Bart Delsaert
IC1848 - The Soul Nebula - Hubble Palette
"Helix Nebula" - SHO, 


            Jean-Baptiste Auroux
"Helix Nebula" - SHO
Solar Prominence 02, HA, 09-30-2018, 


            Martin (Marty) Wise
Solar Prominence 02, HA, 09-30-2018
NGC 3628 - The Hamburger Galaxy, 


            Connor Matherne
NGC 3628 - The Hamburger Galaxy
Plato - Vallis Alpes, Cassini, 


            Giuseppe Petricca
Plato - Vallis Alpes, Cassini
Orion mosaic  2x1, 


            Marcus Wögerer
Orion mosaic 2x1