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01 Mar, 2018 21:41
I just released and deployed an update on AstroBin. Here's the recent change log, since I haven't been publishing it here, you might find something useful in there.

2018-03-01 Salvatore Iovene <>
 * v1.21.0
 * (iotd) Anonymize hd zoom image in queues
 * (docs) Replace Finnish Copyright Act with Swiss one in TOS
 * (account) Switch to cookie based sessions
 * (emails) Send specific reminder emails to autorenew and non-autorenew
 * (tests) Make tests work also with PREMIUM_ENABLED=false
 * (db) Soft-delete images and users

2018-02-25 Salvatore Iovene <>
 * v1.20.0
 * (docker) Apply migrations in docker CMD
 * (accounts) Add tos and email acceptance checkboxes
 * (emails) Add admin backend to send emails to subscribers
 * (emails) Add alert message prompting to check out email permission preferences
 * (emails) Rate limit to 30/m to match SES limit

2018-02-25 Salvatore Iovene <>
 * v1.19.0
 * (settings) Fix serving of local static files in debug mode
 * (accounts) Upgrade django-registration to 2.4.1
 * (celery) Remove periodic tasks from source code
 * (docker) Remove custom runserver command from compose and document
 * (nginx) Set 200 MB limit to local nginx conf too, for consistency
 * (emails) Add django-bouncy to handle SES bounces/complaints

2018-02-20 Salvatore Iovene <>
 * v1.18.0
 * (help) Fix description of IOTD process in FAQ
 * (forum) Let topic subscribers view topic even if not group members
 * (users) Centralize username rendering and add color codes for roles
 * (breadcrumbs) Fix for forums and account pages
 * (images) Fix premium badge being rendered for wrong user
 * (performance) Switch to cache backend for sessions
 * (moderation) Redirect spam images to 404
 * (notifications) Add timestamps
 * (iotd) Add Top Pick badge
 * (subscriptions) Add email notification when subscription about to expire
 * (subscriptions) Implement single-payment and discontinue auto-renewals
 * (sharing) Fix Facebook sharing preview image
 * (iotd) Add link to full size in queues
 * (infra) Replace debug_toolbar with silk
 * (performance) Cache user metadata
 * (performance) Prevent unneeded db queries when donations are disabled
 * (performance) Cache activity stream stories
 * (infra) Migrate from Vagrant to Docker
 * (infra) Split settings in multiple files
 * (general) Add support for READ ONLY mode to most views
 * (email) Use celery to send emails in the background
 * (search) Update index in real-time on celery worker

Something to take note of: there was a minor update to the terms of service. Since I moved from Finland to Switzerland, and AstroBin the company moved with me, I thought it's a good idea to update the TOS regarding the copyright law. AstroBin now follow the Copyright Act of Switzerland, instead of that of Finland.

In practice, this means nothing :-D You are still the owners of your images.
Edited 08 Mar, 2018 09:16
01 Mar, 2018 22:05
Oops, immediately released v1.21.1 because I accidentally broke something. Let's see if someone noticed :-D
01 Mar, 2018 22:10
On the individual User pages, it is showing their images, but no stats/info about the user on the left side as it used to. Intentional?
01 Mar, 2018 22:13
If it were intentional it wouldn't have been an "oops" :-P
01 Mar, 2018 22:16
Haha, wasn't sure if that was the "oops" smile
08 Mar, 2018 09:23
Noteworthy enhancements in this release:
  • You can now change your email address in the settings
  • You can also login with your email instead of your username
  • If your emails bounce, you will get an on-site alert message
  • Comments get the user's real name if available, instead of the username

2018-03-08 Salvatore Iovene <>
 * v1.22.0
 * (infra) Update bleach to newest version
 * (scripts) Fix typo in admin creation in init script
 * (accounts) Allow login via email address too
 * Add notice to contact form re contacting the staff
 * (accounts) Add support to change one's own email
 * Make imagecache directory always be in /media
 * Fix soft-delete usage
 * (tasks) Delete inactive users with hard-bounced emails
 * (emails) Show alert on-site to users with bounced emails
 * (emails) Do not send emails to permanently hard bounced address

2018-03-05 Salvatore Iovene <>
 * v1.21.4
 * (ci) Simplify travis jobs
 * (docs) Improve README
 * (docker) Add script to reset env
 * (api) Fix IOTD API sync
 * (comments) Make comments fetch real name from the API
 * (docker) Use defaults that allow easy local dev
 * (infra) Minitor dependency status with PyUp
 * (ci) Add codecov support

2018-03-02 Salvatore Iovene <>
 * v1.21.3
 * (premium) Safeguard is_lite/is_premium methods against missing
 * (uploads) Consider deleted revisions when computing new label
 * (premium) is_lite/premium tags always return false for anon user
 * (subscription) Make premium_get_valid_usersubscription really only look for
   valid ones

2018-03-02 Salvatore Iovene <>
 * v1.21.2
 * (subscriptions) Fix determining when a user is Premium if they have
   multiple subscriptions

2018-03-01 Salvatore Iovene <>
 * v1.21.1
 * Add missing import
09 Mar, 2018 22:36
2018-03-09 Salvatore Iovene <>
 * v1.24.0
 * (forum) Make forum notification look like other notifications
 * (images) Fix issue with soft deletion of revisions
 * (infra) Fix issue with test script

2018-03-08 Salvatore Iovene <>
 * v1.23.0
 * (emails) Add HTML transactional emails
 * (emails) Fix double-slash in comment emails
 * (emails) Only warn users with permanent bounces
10 Mar, 2018 22:53
Hi Salvatore,

Something has been different with my email notifications over the past few days, the links aren't linked.  That is I have to cut and paste the link into the browser. I can go to the entire feed to view the new images from people.  Is that how we are supposed to do it now? - Kurt Zeppetello
11 Mar, 2018 06:44
No, I will fix it today.
11 Mar, 2018 15:01
2018-03-10 Salvatore Iovene <>
 * v1.25.0
 * (emails) Add HTML versions to all notifications
 * (infra) Do not fail test script if codecov token is unavailable
11 Mar, 2018 16:10
Thanks Salvatore!  It is working again with the new background.  Cheers Kurt
31 Mar, 2018 23:44
2018-03-30 Salvatore Iovene <>
 * v1.26.0
 * (general) Unify pagination UI across modules
 * (forums) Add numbered pagination
 * (performance) Minify JS and CSS, and gzip HTML
 * (infra) Automatically generate CSS from SCSS and cache-bust statics
 * (docs) Add documentation to the "Exclude from competitions" field
 * (infra) Fix template debugging in debug mode
 * (comments) Take WYSIBB into use, just like the forums
 * (comments) Improve UI and add avatars
Just released a new version! Sorry for the instability in the last couple of hours, there were a few gestation problems.

These are the main highlights:

  1. Comments now have a nicer editor, the same as the forums, and support BBCode instead of Markdown. Easier to format and add pictures too!
  2. There is a number of frontend performance improvements, so the site should be marginally faster
  3. The forum topics have numbered pagination at the bottom, instead of just "Previous" and "Next"
This was the first release IN A LONG TIME that saw contributions by somebody else other than me! I'm so excited!

Please join me in thanking Paul Krizak for his valuable contributions!

And as usual, a reminder that everybody is welcome to help. I do my best but AstroBin is larger than a single man can handle  smile

Check the repo on GitHub if you want to help!

PS: there is one regression: the comment usernames now show the bare usernames again, instead of the real names. It's almost 1 AM now so I will fix it tomorrow.
Edited 31 Mar, 2018 23:45
01 Apr, 2018 10:42
Salvatore Iovene
PS: there is one regression: the comment usernames now show the bare usernames again, instead of the real names. It's almost 1 AM now so I will fix it tomorrow.
Fixed now.
21 May, 2018 20:07
2018-05-10 Salvatore Iovene <>
 * v1.28.0
 * (images) Add data_source field (see #570)
 * (infra) Make celery accept json serialized content

2018-05-07 Salvatore Iovene <>
 * v1.27.4
 * (workers) Fix thumbnail queue by fixing task name typo

2018-05-07 Salvatore Iovene <>
 * v1.27.3
 * (subscriptions) Fix documentation about available uploads on free/lite accounts
 * (images) Disable "Top 100" badges until a more performing solution is implemented
 * (infra) Add dedicated thumbnails and emails queues to celery

2018-05-07 Salvatore Iovene <>
 * v1.27.2
 * (images) Improve async generation of thumbnails

2018-04-07 Salvatore Iovene <>
 * v1.27.01
 * (images) Fix overflow of 'real' sized images

2018-04-05 Salvatore Iovene <>
 * v1.27.0
 * (comments) Fix autofocus of input area
 * (images) Move away from 'capty' and use pure CSS and figure/figcaption
 * (infra) Move search engine update tasks to own queue
 * (infra) Move thumbnail generation to async task queue
 * (infra) Serve media files in DEBUG mode

Forgot to make an announcement for v1.27.x, so here's the changelog, but the highlight for today is v1.28.0, which adds a Data source field to the basic settings of an image. This fields represents the provenience of the data used in post-processing to generate the published image.

The field can also be searched using the advanced search.

It's mandatory to fill this field for new images, while all old images are currently set to "Unknown". It would be great if you could go thru your archive and update your images! Unfortunately I didn't have the time to make a bulk-update page yet…

In the future, this field will be used in contests such as the Top Picks, and custom contests when I will have time to code that module.

22 May, 2018 19:33
Hi Salvatore and team,

many thanks again for you all and your engagement. Without you astrobin would not be possible smile .

astrobrandy (Stefan)
23 May, 2018 19:37
Hello Salvatore,

I am missing as data source something like a club observatory for astronomy club members with shared equipment.

23 May, 2018 21:29

Thanks for your work on this.
07 Jul, 2018 12:47
2018-07-07 Salvatore Iovene <>
  * v1.28.1
  * (images) Make the data_source field default to none, so users notice it
  * (images) Fix horizontal scrolling on full size images for IE
08 Jul, 2018 09:24
carissimo, Salvatore ti scrivo  sperando  di non disturbarti troppo,  come saprai io sono solo un vecchio italiano che non sa l'inglese anche se ce la metto tutta per capire almeno i termini essenziali, e se posso ti chiedo se nel mio caso devo fare qualche modifica al  tuo programma  Astrobin,  ho posso continuare ad usarlo regolarmente senza combinare guai, so di essere ignorante in merito, perciò aspetto una tua paziente risposta in merito, con rispetto un caro saluto;   c.colombo
08 Jul, 2018 17:43
Ciao Carlo, continua pure ad usarlo normalmente! smile
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