The AstroBin releases thread

01 Mar, 2018 21:41
I just released and deployed an update on AstroBin. Here's the recent change log, since I haven't been publishing it here, you might find something useful in there.

2018-03-01 Salvatore Iovene <>
 * v1.21.0
 * (iotd) Anonymize hd zoom image in queues
 * (docs) Replace Finnish Copyright Act with Swiss one in TOS
 * (account) Switch to cookie based sessions
 * (emails) Send specific reminder emails to autorenew and non-autorenew
 * (tests) Make tests work also with PREMIUM_ENABLED=false
 * (db) Soft-delete images and users

2018-02-25 Salvatore Iovene <>
 * v1.20.0
 * (docker) Apply migrations in docker CMD
 * (accounts) Add tos and email acceptance checkboxes
 * (emails) Add admin backend to send emails to subscribers
 * (emails) Add alert message prompting to check out email permission preferences
 * (emails) Rate limit to 30/m to match SES limit

2018-02-25 Salvatore Iovene <>
 * v1.19.0
 * (settings) Fix serving of local static files in debug mode
 * (accounts) Upgrade django-registration to 2.4.1
 * (celery) Remove periodic tasks from source code
 * (docker) Remove custom runserver command from compose and document
 * (nginx) Set 200 MB limit to local nginx conf too, for consistency
 * (emails) Add django-bouncy to handle SES bounces/complaints

2018-02-20 Salvatore Iovene <>
 * v1.18.0
 * (help) Fix description of IOTD process in FAQ
 * (forum) Let topic subscribers view topic even if not group members
 * (users) Centralize username rendering and add color codes for roles
 * (breadcrumbs) Fix for forums and account pages
 * (images) Fix premium badge being rendered for wrong user
 * (performance) Switch to cache backend for sessions
 * (moderation) Redirect spam images to 404
 * (notifications) Add timestamps
 * (iotd) Add Top Pick badge
 * (subscriptions) Add email notification when subscription about to expire
 * (subscriptions) Implement single-payment and discontinue auto-renewals
 * (sharing) Fix Facebook sharing preview image
 * (iotd) Add link to full size in queues
 * (infra) Replace debug_toolbar with silk
 * (performance) Cache user metadata
 * (performance) Prevent unneeded db queries when donations are disabled
 * (performance) Cache activity stream stories
 * (infra) Migrate from Vagrant to Docker
 * (infra) Split settings in multiple files
 * (general) Add support for READ ONLY mode to most views
 * (email) Use celery to send emails in the background
 * (search) Update index in real-time on celery worker

Something to take note of: there was a minor update to the terms of service. Since I moved from Finland to Switzerland, and AstroBin the company moved with me, I thought it's a good idea to update the TOS regarding the copyright law. AstroBin now follow the Copyright Act of Switzerland, instead of that of Finland.

In practice, this means nothing :-D You are still the owners of your images.
Edited 08 Mar, 2018 09:16
01 Mar, 2018 22:05
Oops, immediately released v1.21.1 because I accidentally broke something. Let's see if someone noticed :-D
01 Mar, 2018 22:10
On the individual User pages, it is showing their images, but no stats/info about the user on the left side as it used to. Intentional?
01 Mar, 2018 22:13
If it were intentional it wouldn't have been an "oops" :-P
01 Mar, 2018 22:16
Haha, wasn't sure if that was the "oops" smile
08 Mar, 2018 09:23
Noteworthy enhancements in this release:
  • You can now change your email address in the settings
  • You can also login with your email instead of your username
  • If your emails bounce, you will get an on-site alert message
  • Comments get the user's real name if available, instead of the username

2018-03-08 Salvatore Iovene <>
 * v1.22.0
 * (infra) Update bleach to newest version
 * (scripts) Fix typo in admin creation in init script
 * (accounts) Allow login via email address too
 * Add notice to contact form re contacting the staff
 * (accounts) Add support to change one's own email
 * Make imagecache directory always be in /media
 * Fix soft-delete usage
 * (tasks) Delete inactive users with hard-bounced emails
 * (emails) Show alert on-site to users with bounced emails
 * (emails) Do not send emails to permanently hard bounced address

2018-03-05 Salvatore Iovene <>
 * v1.21.4
 * (ci) Simplify travis jobs
 * (docs) Improve README
 * (docker) Add script to reset env
 * (api) Fix IOTD API sync
 * (comments) Make comments fetch real name from the API
 * (docker) Use defaults that allow easy local dev
 * (infra) Minitor dependency status with PyUp
 * (ci) Add codecov support

2018-03-02 Salvatore Iovene <>
 * v1.21.3
 * (premium) Safeguard is_lite/is_premium methods against missing
 * (uploads) Consider deleted revisions when computing new label
 * (premium) is_lite/premium tags always return false for anon user
 * (subscription) Make premium_get_valid_usersubscription really only look for
   valid ones

2018-03-02 Salvatore Iovene <>
 * v1.21.2
 * (subscriptions) Fix determining when a user is Premium if they have
   multiple subscriptions

2018-03-01 Salvatore Iovene <>
 * v1.21.1
 * Add missing import
09 Mar, 2018 22:36
2018-03-09 Salvatore Iovene <>
 * v1.24.0
 * (forum) Make forum notification look like other notifications
 * (images) Fix issue with soft deletion of revisions
 * (infra) Fix issue with test script

2018-03-08 Salvatore Iovene <>
 * v1.23.0
 * (emails) Add HTML transactional emails
 * (emails) Fix double-slash in comment emails
 * (emails) Only warn users with permanent bounces
10 Mar, 2018 22:53
Hi Salvatore,

Something has been different with my email notifications over the past few days, the links aren't linked.  That is I have to cut and paste the link into the browser. I can go to the entire feed to view the new images from people.  Is that how we are supposed to do it now? - Kurt Zeppetello
11 Mar, 2018 06:44
No, I will fix it today.
11 Mar, 2018 15:01
2018-03-10 Salvatore Iovene <>
 * v1.25.0
 * (emails) Add HTML versions to all notifications
 * (infra) Do not fail test script if codecov token is unavailable
11 Mar, 2018 16:10
Thanks Salvatore!  It is working again with the new background.  Cheers Kurt
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