Catastrophic data loss

19 Feb, 2018 07:06
AstroBin has suffered a catastrophic data corruption over night.

To make things worse, the incident occurred while in the middle of a database backup, so the most recent backup, done at 2 AM GMT last night, is unavailable. The only course of action was to restore the backup from yesterday February 18 at 2 AM GMT. This means that everything that happened after that time, is now lost.

I have already identified the reason for the problem and taken steps so it doesn't happen anymore in the future.

This is the first data loss AstroBin has experienced in 7 years of activity.

I'm sorry about it, it was caused by human error on my side.

Thank you all for the understanding!

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19 Feb, 2018 07:16
Hang in there Salvatore, and thanks for all you do!!
19 Feb, 2018 07:30
No worries! I am just missing the last image.
Sometimes things like this just happen.
Keep up the good work!
19 Feb, 2018 07:34
Have a deep breath..a good coffee and carry on !!

np..i also have of course my own data. smile
19 Feb, 2018 07:37
Ah, so that's what happened.

I echo HB's sentiment! smile

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19 Feb, 2018 07:46
No worries Salvatore, this can happen.

My last picture was missing, and its likes and comments too. Hope people will have a second look smile

19 Feb, 2018 08:04
Well, "shit happens" :-) No problem Salvatore, I will add my last entry, the Cocoon Nebula, it is missing, and I did some updates on several other pictures, I have to do these updates again, just for you to know :-)
Kind regards Niels
19 Feb, 2018 08:05
Don't worry, you are doing a great job and sometimes things can and will go wrong. In my younger days, when I was a database admin, I lost a months data for some 1500 employees (check in and check out times, overtimes, etc). Now THAT was a catastrophic data loss.
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19 Feb, 2018 10:49
Could have been much worse mind you!
There wasn’t that must lost in the grand scheme of things.
19 Feb, 2018 11:04
I'm just missing the last image I upload yesterday night so no worries! Indeed this problem is by far compensated by the great job you're doing. Keep going smile .

19 Feb, 2018 11:08
Ho noooo… I lost some "likes" on one photo ! smile

More seriously, I suppose that my selection of images as submitter for this day is lost in the same way ?
Not a big deal, but just to be sure and not pick the same images "twice" unnecessary…

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19 Feb, 2018 11:11
No worries Salvatore. You are doing a really nice work and these things can happen …
19 Feb, 2018 11:14
It touches to return to raise the two lost images.
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19 Feb, 2018 11:29
Could have been much worse mind you!

Well AstroBin's backups are taken religiously and automatically smile I think I will increase from a daily backup to a backup every 12 hours tho.

Jean-Baptiste Auroux
I suppose that my selection of images as submitter for this day is lost in the same way ?

Yes, everything that happened yesterday is lost. You couldn't pick the same image twice anyway.

Santiago Giralt
No worries Salvatore. You are doing a really nice work and these things can happen …

Thank you and thank also the others that expressed the same sentiment smile
19 Feb, 2018 12:28
Salvatore, thanks for your tremendous work and care, do not worry, this staff could happen any time. I am too lazy to make backup regularly - and I paid dearly by loosing a lot of data… Here I lost few likes only and it pushed me to work harder on the quality of my images, people could always have the second thought smile
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19 Feb, 2018 12:53
looks like the public group I made on 2/18 "unusual deep sky targets was lost"
19 Feb, 2018 12:56
Indeed Keith. It's like 2/18 never happened …
19 Feb, 2018 13:02
Its like déjà vu all over again, a quote by Yogi Berra. no worries  Salvatore and Thank you for AstroBin.
19 Feb, 2018 14:05
Thank you for your great work, Salvatore.
19 Feb, 2018 14:54
No problem here.
19 Feb, 2018 15:11
Seven years without data loss is a terrific record. All of us that enjoy Astrobin are grateful for your diligence and hard work.
19 Feb, 2018 16:15
i just started using astrobin properly yesterday, and other than having to re-setup my profile and re-upload my 2 images not much happened.. oh yeah, i lost my first and only subscriber again, but i hope this will change again soon smile
as it was mentioned before, these things happen and losing a days worth of data is less tragic than losing a months worth.. smile

thanks for all your work!
19 Feb, 2018 16:32
Wasn't really a problem, forget the missing likes smile
What's more important for me:
Is there a way to receive email notifications for such critical issues?
CS, Andreas
19 Feb, 2018 17:05
Andreas Dietz
Wasn't really a problem, forget the missing likes smileWhat's more important for me:
Is there a way to receive email notifications for such critical issues?
CS, Andreas

Hopefully they never happen again but I will setup mailing lists.
19 Feb, 2018 17:57
Hello Salavatore,

I have seen this data loss issue this afternoon the first time. I am missing some uploaded images, likes and E-mails from other users and so on. The data-situation of mine in this moment now is there anything possible with restoring or not ? It would be so kind when you answer me shortly. But first of all, you do a great job.
CS and many greetings.

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