Catastrophic data loss

19 Feb, 2018 18:13
Hello Salvatore,

I have seen a little bit more claer what happend after reading this thread. I make a new load up of lost pictures and that it is smile . Shit happens, don´   t worry any more.

19 Feb, 2018 18:15
Salvatore Iovene
I will setup mailing lists

You do really great job here, Salvatore! Thank you!
CS, Andreas
19 Feb, 2018 18:22
Hi astrobrandy,
unfortunately it's not possible to recover anything that was lost on February 18.
19 Feb, 2018 18:44
Hi Salvatore,

Thanks for your answer. I can imagine what great job you do even with such issues, without your engagement astrobin won´ t be possible.

19 Feb, 2018 21:09
Thanks for your hard work, reposting images is easy, this is something not so hard for us but a major headache for you. Sorry for your lost and we will do our part.
20 Feb, 2018 15:06
looks like things went well last night. I hope you got some sleep… Again thanks for all you do! Best regards, Dave
20 Feb, 2018 15:07
Yes, everything stable now :-)
20 Feb, 2018 15:50
Thank's very much for your work on Astrobin, Salvatore! I think that everybody who is in this hobby is storing their data more than once in different memory units, so don't worry. Cs Harald
Edited 20 Feb, 2018 15:50
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